For the children who come from the villages of Jareya rural area, the Nawa Maskal (New Light) School is a place not to get lost, a place to learn to be the main character of their own future. Being able to study in their own village and in their language means to have the chance to maintain their own identities and cultural contexts, as well as not being forced to leave for the big cities.

Jareya’s school currently counts almost 800 students, divided in 2 kindergarten classes and 10 elementary school classes. Every year the students number increases and we expect that, in a couple of years, the school will host up to 1000 students coming from more than 50 villages.

Currently, the Nawa Maskal School, is composed of the main building, hosting all the elementary school classes up to the 10th grade. Since the end of 2013 a second building has been added to host the kindergarten classes. This last building reminds, with its architectural features, the style of Adivasi’s houses.

At the beginning of 2014 a wooden oven has been build. Some of the products, which are mainly bread and pizza, are distributed to the students, as lunch or snacks, some are sold in the bakery shop, which faces the main street nearby and has been launched on 1st February 2015. This is an importantt step for the Jareya centre to reach the self-sufficiency.

Furthermore works to build a guest house and some small barns are in progress.

To better understand and imagine the world of Jareya check out the galleries dedicated to the school and the villages where the children come from.