Over the years we have collaborated with organizations, associations, schools and universities to organize events and meetings and carry out our activities. Here are some of them:

Centro Studi Sereno Regis
Click here to see the latest event.

India Invisibile
Here the event.

Survival International (Italia)
Here the event.

Università di Torino
Here the last event.

Associazione Yatra ONLUS
Click here for the latest event.

Read more here.

GV producers
See the video at the NMS.

ESCP Business School
Read more.

MAG Maria Ausiliatrice Giaveno
Scopri di più sulle attività nelle scuole.

SISM Torino
Leggi del campo medico 2019.

Samarkand Prod.
the event.

Accademia nel cantiere

Lacumbia Film