“If it happens to be foreigners, we may have a great opportunity to look at the world with someone else’s eyes, from another perspective. While in India I wore these “glasses” and I chose to live with essentiality, which is the ability to synthesize and to pick only what is necessary”.

Elisa, 2019

Since our foundation in 2011, we organize summer camps in India, particularly in the state of Jharkhand, for young people and adults who would like to discover customs, art and culture of this land, to live its hospitality and beauty, and to have direct experience of its contradictions and difficulties.

Our summer camps take usually place in August and they are a chance for the partecipants to directly contribute to our projects in Ranchi and Jareya, and to meet different social and humanitarian entities working in this area to protect ādivāsī’s rights.

The main objective of our volunteering camps is the cultural exchange: through workshops and activities that aim at enhancing and showing the cultural diversity, the three weeks of are an opportunity to share one’s culture and get to know a new one, both for young volunteers from Italy and, of course, for the students and kids of the Nawa Maskal School.
Every year the volunteers group plans and organizes in advance all the activities that will be carried out in Jareya during, with the help of the Association. For example, over the years cooking, painting, dancing, etc. workshops have been organised: if you are curious please have a look to section below. You can find all the details of our previous camps.

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The network

Since 2011 we organize summer camps in Jharkhand for young people and adults who would like to experience personally the beauty of this land.

During the years we had the chance to encounter several entities working in this area to protect Ādivāsī‘s rights, such as school and college’s headmasters, self-help groups experts, NGO’s representatives and managers of centers for vocational training. After the very first summer camp we came up with the idea of developing a network to allow to the experts and all the talented persons we met to share ideas, experiences and dreams about our common goals.

Meeting held in Ranchi, august 2014