Activities in schools

Jarom has recently started organising activities in Italian primary and secondary schools in order to create opportunities for intercultural exchange for young people.

The project stems from the conviction that in the process of building one’s own identity, the relationship with other people is essential, especially if they have different and far awary backgrounds. It is the meeting and knowledge with different life stories that makes it possible to identify, negotiate and therefore choose who we are and who we want to become.

For this reason the program with students begins with a reflection on the concept of culture that seeks to encourage the expression by each student of his or her own cultural identity and representations of India.

In the following meetings, the classes are accompanied in the discovery of the ādivāsī culture, in order to have the tools to contextualize the situation lived by the Indian friends with whom they will write in the following months.

Finally, students will work on the preparation of some material to be sent to India, such as letters, photos, videos, etc. It will allow Italian students to describe themselves and get in touch with the young Indian peers.

English is the language for these exchanges, becoming an extra opportunity to practice it, both for Italian and Indian students!

This exchange is just the first step to create new friendships!