About us

Jaròm, in Hindi, means Roots.
A population without the knowledge of its history, origins, culture and traditions is like a tree without roots. It is a population with no future.

Jarom NGO was established in 2013 in Turin (Italy) as a result of a project started in 2011 by a group of young volunteers. Jarom endeavors to empower Adivasi community, which is the aboriginal population of India, to enhance their living conditions by supporting their cultural heritage and tribal customs.

Particularly, Jarom NGO supports the educational centre in Jareya, which is located 25 km South to Ranchi, in Jharkand (India). Here an innovative multi-lingual education system is implemented by giving classes in three languages: English, Hindi and Mundari, which is the language spoken in the villages surrounding the centre.

The goal is to grant proper education to all the children from the villages of the area and to make Jareya a key centre for adults too. Professional training courses and self-help groups are instruments to promote an alternative development of the tribal community with a special attention to the safeguard of their ancient cultural heritage.